The Music Is Better On Our Cloud

We're Playing the Best Variety of the 80's, 90's and some eXtra (all the way up to the 2010's)

Listen on the internet through your computer or gaming console's web browser (as well as some smartphones).  Click the Listen Now button to the left or visit our Live 365 Page.

Listen on your smartphone, tablet or iPod. Simply download the free "" App from your app store. (Note: search "" to locate the app.)
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Listen in your home or in your car through your stereo.  Simply pair your smartphone with your car's bluetooth system or auxiliary jack or plug a wireless fm transmitter into your computer or smartphone's audio-out jack and transmit the signal to your home or car's stereo.
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Listen on your Smart TV or Streaming device.  Simply add the TuneIn Radio app and search for WIXZ1360Online /

Many Home Assistant Devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa and others now support playing internet radio through apps like TuneIn radio.  Visit your device maker's website to gain specific instructions for your device.

Our handy listening instructions will walk you through all the ways to listen. See our Listening Notes or visit our System Status & Support Page for current known issues or to report a problem.

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Listening Notes...

-If a stream doesn't work for you on our website it could be due to a slow internet connection, low computer memory or outdated software - please go to our Support page for info on our current streams status or to request assistance.  Restart your computer and/or update your browser (we prefer Edge or Chrome).

-FlashPlayer requires regular updating and needs to be enabled in your browser, so to listen on your computer, please make sure you're using the latest version found here. (Known listening issues with Adobe Flash & Internet Explorer are discussed here.) (>Adobe Flash Update Instructions.)

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